How To Organise Photos

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 8th October 2015 (updated: 2nd March 2018)

I have used the website for over ten years now.  I’ve loved it.  It is a photo printing website that you very simply upload your photos to and then send off for your prints.  Mine always arrive a few days later and it is so much more enjoyable to hold them in your hand rather than view them on a screen.

So now I’ve discovered the Photobox App and it’s genius!  Not one person I’ve spoken to has it on their phone – yet!  You sign in, it takes you straight to your camera roll/phone album, click on the images you want, wait for it to upload (good wifi makes this super quick) and you order.

My first order was for 350 prints – straight from my phone! My favourite finish is matt with border.  You can also print your Instagram images from around 9p per print.

I keep it simple when it comes to storing my prints, splitting them into three different boxes – Oldies, Family and Current.  When I feel like reminiscing I have a good rummage through.  I need nothing else.  I don’t feel I have the time to make albums and I have permanently crossed that task from my ever growing to-do list.   It feels good – try it!



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