Home Organising Services

Has your home got out of control and you don’t know where to start? We meet so many families and professionals who just can’t find the time to organise their homes.

Disorganisation can often bring stress and overwhelm. Clear your mind with our home organising services. 

For those who don’t know where to start, that’s what we’re here for. We aim to take away the stress. We can take as much or as little control of the day as you’d like – some clients want more involvement than others – everyone is different and that’s fine.

The main thing is that we get through each task in a methodical way. 

Which rooms do you organise?

We cover every room and area in your home (as long as we deem it safe).  We can hone in on individual spaces, such as wardrobe organisation or home office decluttering, streamline kitchens and cabinets and clear living rooms so you end up with an organised space for all to enjoy. 

Another space that tends to get ignored is the garage. Many people move into a new home and neglect the space, using it as storage but not in the most practical way. We can help you declutter and reorganise your garage space to work better for you.  We do exactly the same with loft spaces.  Whether it’s individual rooms you want to organise or a full top-to-bottom declutter, You Need A Vicky! If you aren’t sure what exactly you want or need, don’t worry we can help and talk it through. 

Start the positive process towards getting your home organised by filling in our enquiry form below. We’re a very versatile team, so please feel free to ask if there are any additional services not listed that you would be interested in.

Make working from home easier

If you’ve made the transition to remote working over the past few years, no doubt you’ve come into home office organisation problems. Whether it’s a desk you use full time or a kitchen table you need to become a hot desk, there is always a solution.

We can organise your paperwork and recommend and implement practical simplistic systems that are easy to maintain – that’s the key here. It will no longer feel like a chore. You no longer need a home full of random piles of paperwork. Our methods are tried and tested for over 15 years and we believe paperwork organisation doesn’t need to be complicated in order to work well. Vicky believes the fewer steps to getting things done, the better.

Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement is available so you know that no matter what we come across you have no cause for concern. Please request on booking.

Why Choose Vicky?

If your home is bursting at the seams, it’s best to trust a professional home organiser like Vicky Silverthorn. Previously PA to big names in sports and media, Vicky has organised hundreds of homes over the years and picked up countless knowledge along the way.

Vicky believes that your well-being starts at home; if your home is in shape, other elements of your life will follow. That’s why our Home Organisation services are so popular. Look forward to a clearer mind moving forward. 

Personal belongings can really build up when you have no time to address them. Having a professional home organiser organise your home can feel like a weight lifted.

Vicky and her team have seen it all, those who have downsized and need less fast orfamilies that have grown sooner than expected and need more space created. Every home organisation has its own requirementsthey are all completely individual and Vicky and her team are always there to face the challenge with you.  Vicky has been a Professional Organiser since 2013, organising homes for people across the country. Her practical and methodical ways and thinking simple approach is what people love.

“If you ever need someone to sort your life out, organise everything and in my case help me move house too, use You Need A Vicky – easy and amazing!” – Lily Allen. Read more reviews.

Areas we cover

Vicky and her team are based in Richmond and all around London. Our service area covers the entirety of North London, South London, East London and West London as well as further out, including areas such as Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Henley and Oxfordshire. If needed we can also travel further afield to areas outside of London, just let us know where you’re based, and we’ll see if we can reach you. It’s never usually a problem.

map showing were vicky covers

How much does it cost?

Get a quote directly from Vicky. Every home organisation is different, from the rooms you need to declutter, the size of the property and of course how much you have in it. We can give you a much better idea of how long we think it will take with a few easy questions/ a quick conversation. When it comes to moving home enquiries, we will provide you with a shopping list of services to choose from and so we produce a tailor made a package to suit your needs.

Help for Hoarders

When clutter gets out of hand and becomes a hoard, specialised care and support may be needed to help people overcome this debilitating problem.  Whilst we don’t currently work with hoarders, do check out the help for hoarders website which gives all sorts of useful information about hoarding, including where to find support groups across the country, a list of professional organisers who work with hoarders, and a forum for people who want to share their experiences online.


Do I need to be there all day for my home organisation?

Ideally you would be there on the day to answer any questions especially if we are decluttering and not just organising. Especially for the first part. We have worked with clients who haven’t been able to be very present and we have always made it work.

Do we have to cull my belongings or can we just organise them?

You don’t have to cull anything at all if you don’t want to. We can simply organise what you have. Some of our clients prefer this and, in these situations, you don’t have to be as present whilst we work.  We may still have a few questions about your lifestyle that will help us make decisions on the day, especially if you won’t be around much.

Will you judge me for my messy home? 

Certainly not! We’ve decluttered and organised homes with different severities and needs for many years now. There’s nothing we haven’t come across and it’s part of our approach to give you peace of mind knowing we’re there to help you reach your goals. Not to mention, a confidentiality agreement can be requested upon booking. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare before the home organisation?

Before we commence any hands-on organisation, Vicky asks people just to think about the day ahead. Get your mindset ready and focus on what you really want to achieve at the end of the day.  If you could have rubbish and recycling bags/ boxes at the ready that would be very helpful as this isn’t something we provide.  Basic cleaning products could also be helpful because although we do not offer a full cleaning service we give the areas we have worked on a basic wipe through.