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I’m Vicky Silverthorn, founder of You Need A Vicky and a professional organiser in Surrey with over a decade’s experience. You Need A Vicky was established right here in Richmond, Surrey in 2010. For me, it’s the ideal location because I am so close to central London but also get the benefits of the beautiful river, green space and parks too. From here, my team and I can help people from all over Surrey declutter their homes and organise their belongings. Our driving philosophy is that when you have a tidy, organised home, you can help to create a clearer happier mind.

Vicky Silverthorn

Over 1 million people live in Surrey, and although there might be plenty of green space for us to enjoy outside, it can sometimes be difficult to create that feeling of peace and tranquillity in our homes. Regardless of the shape or size, our homes are like giant boxes, which slowly fill up with our belongings over time. This process is so slow, that we often don’t notice that our home is cluttered until the task to clear it is truly intimidating.

We can offer a professional organiser’s perspective on your space so that you can decide on the items you want to keep, and how you can store them in the most efficient way. Our services include decluttering homes, organising wardrobes, sorting through paperwork and preparing clients for life events such as moving home or the arrival of a new baby.

Why choose You Need A Vicky in Surrey?

Vicky is a leading light in the world of professional organising. Her bestselling book, Start WIth Your Sock Drawer, has helped thousands to declutter their homes, and she’s also contributed to The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Independent and ITV’s This Morning. Vicky is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organiser (APDO), an ambassador for Bisley and is also John Lewis’ official storage expert.

You Need A Vicky is one of the longest established businesses in the industry. Since 2010, we’ve helped people from across Surrey optimise their spaces and establish simple strategies to ensure that their homes stay organised. We understand the challenges that our clients face keeping their homes decluttered and have proven that our services can help!

What Home Organising Services do you offer? 

Vicky and her professional team provide an array of home organising services for clients. No matter what space you need decluttering, they are on hand to provide a bespoke service to meet your needs. These include:

  • Home office and paperwork organising. Is your home life disrupted by your work life with the amount of paperwork taking up your living space? Vicky can help reorganise your paperwork and create sustainable systems for you to follow, and make your life easier.
  • Home packing and unpacking. Vicky and her professional team can help take away the stress of moving home, by decluttering your old space, packing your belongings and methodically unpacking them in your new home.
  • Wardrobe organising. The sight of an unorganised wardrobe can be overwhelming, which can make you wonder where to start. Vicky has decades of experience helping clients sort their wardrobe and create an enjoyable living space.
  • General decluttering. No matter what space you need help organising, Vicky provides a bespoke service that is tailored to meet your needs. Get in touch with her team and they’ll be happy to discuss your plans for your home.

What is your decluttering process?

1. Make an Enquiry

From your initial consultation to our final recommendations: you’re in control of the process. Give us a call, or send us a message using the contact form on our website to let us know about your problem space, and what your aims are.

We’ll then be able to advise on the best course of action and explain how our days work, and if anything is required on your part. There’s no obligation whatsoever on your part here.

2. Book a date in our diary

Once we’re both on the same page, and you’re comfortable with how we can help you, we’ll find a date that suits both our schedules and book you in!

3. Your 7-Day Reminder

We’ll give you a quick call 7 days before our scheduled arrival, to give you a reminder that we’re coming. The evening before the appointment, your Senior Organiser will send you one last message to check that you’re ready for us to arrive.

4. Knock knock!

We’ll arrive on the day and start with an informal chat over a cup of tea. You can show us around the areas we’ll be working on, so that we can get an understanding of what we need to do.

5. We get started!

With the introductions sorted, we’ll get to work decluttering and organising your space. You can decide whether you’d like to dip in and out of the process, but if we’re decluttering then ideally you’ll be there as much as possible. If we’re just organising your space, then you won’t need to be present at all.

What areas in Surrey do you serve?

Our professional organisers can travel across Surrey to organise and declutter homes, you can see our service area in the map below. In many cases, we’re happy to travel further afield, just let us know where you’re based and we’ll see if we can reach you.

map showing surrey

Our exceptional team travel to multiple areas across the South of England, to provide professional decluttering services. We have been helping transform homes for years in locations including London, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. Vicky has recently extended her services to the Henley and Oxfordshire area.

Customer Testimonials

We’re so happy to have helped our clients in Surrey achieve their organising ambitions. Many of our customers have been good enough to leave us reviews, you can find out what they think of us below:


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