Vicky and Issy worked so hard during their two days with us, and they were not at all afraid to get stuck in to help us. We had so much fun! The booking process was easy and was undertaken by lovely Laura, who was always available to help us.I would have no hesitation in recommending You Need A Vicky to anyone.
Lindsey and Izzy were Fabulous! They couldn’t have been more helpful, considerate, perceptive, sensitive and enthusiastic. They achieved a huge amount during the time they were with me and my returning family are (quite frankly) staggered by the progress we’ve made on the first day of clearing out. I can’t praise them enough and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their help.
Vicky and the team really helped me to declutter in a really efficient, but gentle way and organise my now dream wardrobe which was such a pleasure!

As a new recruit to the professional organising industry, it was fantastic to join Vicky’s training session.  She not only provided our small group with a foundation of knowledge, but also generously shared her experience with us, which will no doubt set us on the right track during these early days. Thanks Vicky!
I really enjoyed attending Vicky's 'How To Become A Professional Organiser' event. Vicky is so friendly and made us all feel totally comfortable to ask questions. She was very informative and also laid to rest any doubts I was having about the decluttering and organising business. It's definitely given me that extra push I needed to get going.

I'd certainly recommend the workshop to anyone thinking about entering the business as Vicky highlights elements you may not have already thought about.
Vicky and the team are so incredibly warm and make the whole experience so easy and so fun whilst allowing you to have as much or as little involvement as you would like.
They have so much passion for what they do, are so full of knowledge, and provide such helpful tips!
I really enjoyed the How to Become A Professional Organiser event. Vicky was so warm and welcoming. I felt relaxed and confident to ask questions. Vicky was very informative and so passionate about decluttering and organising! I’d definitely recommend the workshop!
My husband is stoked by his dressing room make-over and my life will definitely be easier! Probably better than marriage guidance counselling!
I had a GREAT day with Vicky and Alicia. We got so much done and they were so lovely to work with! They were kind, caring and not judgemental which made the day fly by and we had lots of laughs along the way.
Now this is what I call a service! I cannot praise You Need A Vicky highly enough for their quality work ethic. This is cleverly combined with a very personal touch. More companies could do with this approach – win win for everyone.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Vicky and her team. She bestowed a true sense of peace upon me. Priceless! Organising and decluttering can me stressful, but she made it fun. With endless good judgment and helpful tips, our house is so much more organised. And this makes day to day life that much better. Thank you!
Alicia and Lindsey were absolute miracle workers. The 2 friendly, lovely, smart organisers made quick efficient work of everything and saved me from becoming completely overwhelmed, as I'm sure I would have if I'd been on my own! I cannot thank them enough!
After reading Start With Your Sock Drawer, I instantly felt inspired to de-clutter my house room by room.
Vicky is a wonder, her meticulous and practical re-organisation of my wardrobe has freed me from clutter and spared up valuable time..she is a life changer, and also great company!
You Need A Vicky are AMAZING. Thank you for this, and for another transformative session! I honestly can feel the energy shifting in our home with each visit.

Having just attended a super motivational workshop on How to be a Professional Organiser, Vicky was so open and honest about her experiences. She really did inspire and encourage us all to go out there and set up our own business. The environment was relaxed and friendly. I would 100% recommend this workshop, as you gain so much knowledge in such a short space of time...

Thank you again Vicky
I attended Vicky's event (How to Become a Professional Organiser). I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so passionate about decluttering and organising! Vicky is articulate, sensitive and very approachable. She shared her immense wealth of knowledge generously and with humour. It was a highly informative and enjoyable evening, which I would thoroughly recommend attending if you are at all thinking about setting up in the Decluttering business.
I had a great day with Ruth and Lindsey. The girls were reassuring, kind and very methodical in their process. Before all this, I didn’t know where to start - and each time I looked at my things I felt overwhelmed. Now I feel ready to continue - a small bit everyday.

Thanks again for your help.
These girls were AMAZING! I couldn’t get over how simple they made the process seem! It was all done so efficiently and every minute used wisely. I have been so happy since they left, it has been like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - I absolutely love my bedroom again! I keep walking into it to admire it in its new clutter free state!!!

A brilliant service from such a friendly team!
I’m so glad I found You Need a Vicky; The 2 organisers I had for the day were just brilliant, the perfect balance of friendly and professional - and of course efficient! My loft room is now neatly organised and they gave me a great tip for recycling and charity everything that didn’t stay. Alicia and Lyndsey were fantastic and I was overwhelmed by the outcome.