"Attending Vicky's 'How to Organise' workshop was a great experience. Vicky's expertise and passion for organisation truly shone through every aspect of the workshop. The versatility of the course meant that you could attend as an individual wanting to improve their personal organisational skills, like me, or if you are looking to become a professional organiser.

Not only did I leave with practical tips and strategies to declutter, but I also felt inspired and motivated to take action. Vicky's personalised approach and engaging teaching style made the workshop not only informative but also enjoyable. I can confidently say that the skills I gained from Vicky's workshop will have a profound impact on my daily routine and overall well-being. Thank you, Vicky, for empowering me to take control of my space and my life!"
I just wanted to say what a fantastic job Charlotte and Aoife did for me. They created several differentiated filing systems for me, all now beautifully labelled and easy for me to use. We went through the paperwork incredibly quickly, working flat out. On the first day they earnt my trust so that on the second day, I was able to let them help me with more sensitive papers. They made loads of helpful suggestions and took everything in their stride.

Both women have such kind souls - it was a pleasure spending time with them.
Just a quick note to say the ladies were beyond amazing today, in this heat as well, they went above and beyond with my 'sentimental' items, sorting everything, filling the 3 memory boxes, even going as far as collapsing the waste cardboard, building shelves, folding washing (!), putting things in the boot of my car and making a new tool cupboard etc etc etc - could not be happier :-)
The organisers could not have been more professional, more polite, more diligent, more industrious. They made us feel at ease and made the entire experience effortless. I thought the service was invaluable and such good value for money. I would highly recommend. Thank you very much youneedavicky!
Absolutely brilliant service, who helped me Mum clear and declutter her flat after recent sight loss. Friendly and sensitive yet efficient
You Need A Vicky were absolutely amazing! They were patient, listened to my needs and helped me find a way to organise my things for the way I use them. I was left with a spot for everything, advice on how to keep it that way and a bunch of great ideas for functional but fabulous home decors items to add to my home.
Christina and Sophia were totally superb - hard-working, clever, ingenious, industrious, great company, quick, calm, perfect in every way. They made the place not only orderly but beautiful. The house looks the best it has for YEARS.
The organisers have yet again performed magical miracles! I notice and value their professionalism, cheerful chat, and hard work. They are amazingly smart and tireless in their efforts to help. They probably don’t realise how much calmer my mind is (and my whole family will be) after their visit. They are always so kind to us all and my daughter loves the extra attention! Just to know this service is available, is such a relief.
Christina and Louise came and organised my kitchen - they were amazing! I honestly have no idea how they've managed to fit as much in as they have. On top of this, they restored order to my cupboard under the stairs which had turned into a bit (a lot!) of a dumping ground.
Christine is a delight thank you, she did a brilliant job!
Vicky and her team are truly amazing!! I wish they could move in :-)
Vicky and her team are fabulous! They worked magic in helping us get organised and move into our new home. The best decluttering service London!
I've returned to this company numerous times as their professionalism and methodical approach is head and shoulders above other firms purporting to offer the same service. Used prior to and in the aftermath of house moves as well as to support a more general regime of change.
What did I ever do without Vicky and her team? I have used them several times since to help me organise my things following a house move, and to help with seasonal wardrobe changes. Not only do I trust the team implicitly, they also helped me in ways I didn't even know I needed. Thank you for everything!
I searched for decluttering services near me and discovered You Need A Vicky Ltd. I found the Professional organisers who work for You Need a Vicky Ltd to be efficient, reliable, hard-working, friendly and professional. I have used You Need a Vicky for the past 18 months and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
I’m a regular, repeat customer. It’s the greatest way to reset and restart your life’s order. The staff are fabulous and more capable than you can imagine. I couldn’t recommend using the decluttering service strongly enough. Total life changer.
This company is PHENOMENAL. You won't be disappointed.
Vicky and her team of professional declutterers are incredible. We could not have achieved what has been done without her. She takes the stress out of decluttering. I can’t believe how much we threw away and have much I haven’t missed any of it! Having less means so much more. Having less choice has made decisions so much easier and created so much space in our lives. Thank you, we love you!
I really enjoyed the event and found it so worthwhile. Being a risk taker myself, hearing Vicky's approach was exactly what I needed to hear and be informed about. Fantastic venue as well.
Christina and Lindsey have been absolutely amazing. They’ve already rationalised, sorted, cleared and transformed our office space. They are really hardworking, diligent, respectful, a joy to have around. I’m so pleased to have found youneedavicky, thank you!
After attending Vicky's event 'How to become a Professional Organiser' I feel super excited to get up and running! She covered everything you need to know about getting started and was so amazing at answering all of our questions, and we had a lot! Such a fun, informative and friendly workshop, would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into Professional Organising
Lindsey and Christina were absolutely wonderful- such a joy and energy to have around. The work that they did was life-changing. I cannot thank them enough, they were brilliant and I shall be telling everyone I know about You Need A Vicky!
Thank you so so much to your amazing team, Tahirah and Christina - they have worked wonders during their two days here. They were so lovely to work with - I’m very grateful!
Vicky and Issy worked so hard during their two days with us, and they were not at all afraid to get stuck in to help us. We had so much fun! The booking process was easy and was undertaken by lovely Laura, who was always available to help us.I would have no hesitation in recommending You Need A Vicky to anyone.
Lindsey and Issy were Fabulous! They couldn’t have been more helpful, considerate, perceptive, sensitive and enthusiastic. They achieved a huge amount during the time they were with me and my returning family are (quite frankly) staggered by the progress we’ve made on the first day of clearing out. I can’t praise them enough and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their help.
Vicky and the team really helped me to declutter in a really efficient, but gentle way and organise my now dream wardrobe which was such a pleasure!

As a new recruit to the professional organising industry, it was fantastic to join Vicky’s training session.  She not only provided our small group with a foundation of knowledge, but also generously shared her experience with us, which will no doubt set us on the right track during these early days. Thanks Vicky!
I really enjoyed attending Vicky's 'How To Become A Professional Organiser' event. Vicky is so friendly and made us all feel totally comfortable to ask questions. She was very informative and also laid to rest any doubts I was having about the decluttering and organising business. It's definitely given me that extra push I needed to get going.

I'd certainly recommend the workshop to anyone thinking about entering the business as Vicky highlights elements you may not have already thought about.
Vicky and the team are so incredibly warm and make the whole experience so easy and so fun whilst allowing you to have as much or as little involvement as you would like.
They have so much passion for what they do, are so full of knowledge, and provide such helpful tips!
I really enjoyed the How to Become A Professional Organiser event. Vicky was so warm and welcoming. I felt relaxed and confident to ask questions. Vicky was very informative and so passionate about decluttering and organising! I’d definitely recommend the workshop!
My husband is stoked by his dressing room make-over and my life will definitely be easier! Probably better than marriage guidance counselling!
Now this is what I call a service! I cannot praise You Need A Vicky highly enough for their quality work ethic. This is cleverly combined with a very personal touch. More companies could do with this approach – win win for everyone.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Vicky and her team. She bestowed a true sense of peace upon me. Priceless! Organising and decluttering can me stressful, but she made it fun. With endless good judgment and helpful tips, our house is so much more organised. And this makes day to day life that much better. Thank you!
Alicia and Lindsey were absolute miracle workers. The 2 friendly, lovely, smart organisers made quick efficient work of everything and saved me from becoming completely overwhelmed, as I'm sure I would have if I'd been on my own! I cannot thank them enough!
Vicky is a wonder, her meticulous and practical re-organisation of my wardrobe has freed me from clutter and spared up valuable time..she is a life changer, and also great company!
You Need A Vicky are AMAZING. Thank you for this, and for another transformative session! I honestly can feel the energy shifting in our home with each visit.

Having just attended a super motivational workshop on How to be a Professional Organiser, Vicky was so open and honest about her experiences. She really did inspire and encourage us all to go out there and set up our own business. The environment was relaxed and friendly. I would 100% recommend this workshop, as you gain so much knowledge in such a short space of time...

Thank you again Vicky
I attended Vicky's event (How to Become a Professional Organiser). I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite so passionate about decluttering and organising! Vicky is articulate, sensitive and very approachable. She shared her immense wealth of knowledge generously and with humour. It was a highly informative and enjoyable evening, which I would thoroughly recommend attending if you are at all thinking about setting up in the Decluttering business.
I had a great day with Ruth and Lindsey. The girls were reassuring, kind and very methodical in their process. Before all this, I didn’t know where to start - and each time I looked at my things I felt overwhelmed. Now I feel ready to continue - a small bit everyday.

Thanks again for your help.
These girls were AMAZING! I couldn’t get over how simple they made the process seem! It was all done so efficiently and every minute used wisely. I have been so happy since they left, it has been like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - I absolutely love my bedroom again! I keep walking into it to admire it in its new clutter free state!!!

A brilliant service from such a friendly team!
I’m so glad I found You Need a Vicky; The 2 organisers I had for the day were just brilliant, the perfect balance of friendly and professional - and of course efficient! My loft room is now neatly organised and they gave me a great tip for recycling and charity everything that didn’t stay. Alicia and Lyndsey were fantastic and I was overwhelmed by the outcome.
Vicky and Cat were like a dream team, they made the space in my kitchen so much more family friendly and their energy and passion throughout the day was relentless. I can’t wait to have them back and would whole-heartedly recommended them.
Vicky and her team are brilliant! They worked flat out all day and accomplished more than I thought possible in decluttering and reorganising our room. They did it with grace and laughter all day. I will definitely use their help again soon!
Laura was lovely to deal with and very good at her job. Cat and Ruth did a fantastic decluttering job for me – they are real experts. They work amazingly quickly and efficiently, but the best thing is their lovely personalities – by the afternoon, you can let them loose on your mankiest cupboard without actually dying of shame. It was a day I enjoyed, and we’ve all felt huge benefits from the results. I can’t wait to have them round again.
I bought 2 days with Ruth and Alicia for my husband Mike’s birthday. They helped sort his home office which had become over stacked with papers and files. They emptied 80 box-files of out of date filing. He’s now a convert and I suspect we’ll be seeing more of Ruth and Alicia as his sights have now turned to the basement and side shed!
Wow! I feel fully decluttered! The truth is Vicky and lovely co offer SO much more than a physical declutter. Whatever the state of your life or your bathroom cabinet, these lovely guys quickly take control - and fix it. And Control is what it’s all about: afterwards you feel in control of one very big - if not THE biggest - part of your life: your hearth and home. And in this crazy life we all lead you can’t ask for anything more valuable.
Wow wow and wow again. What an incredible service you offer. So clever - have already told zillions of friends! Alicia and Ruth were total gems and my kids loved them too! Wow what an amazing way to start the year. Huge thanks to you all.
I was so very pleased with the day. The team were lovely to work with & the end result surpassed my expectations. It has lifted a huge weight off me as I was feeling overwhelmed by stuff that I couldn’t face sorting on my own. I also think it will actually save money in the long term as I now feel I have options with what to wear & am already feeling the benefit of opening my wardrobe & finding something suitable rather than a sinking feeling of having nothing to wear! My husband is also delighted with our new, tidy room.
I can't recommend Vicky highly enough for decluttering, and help with house moving or re-organisation. She is kind, funny, gentle and ruthless. I feel uplifted and lighter whenever she spends a day in my house.
Having my house sorted has completely changed my life! It's as if everything else has been vicariously affected, I've been more productive and more organised in every way here and as I work from home ninety percent of the time, that's pretty huge. Thanks Jenna & Stacey!
I was at the hairdresser only a couple of months ago. While waiting for my foil highlights to do their thing I read an article in one of their magazines about your book. I was instantly hooked. Everything you said just rung true! I work in a hospital with newly diagnosed cancer patients, it's a crazy emotional rollercoaster but I felt my whole life was crazy - and you made me realise it was due to all the clutter at home not allowing me to relax. I ordered your book there and then (foils still on head), literally devoured it when I got it, decluttered one thing each weekend and I am able to relax so much more when I get home now. I rave about your book to friends because I think everyone should read it.
Thank you Vicky.
Thank you so much for everything.
Alicia and Joanne have been fantastic.
We would highly recommend the service which has exceeded our expectations.
Vicky's 'Can do' attitude and positivity can make the scariest tasks seem eerily achievable. Her clarity and pragmatism is so infectious and will only improve your life. You'll also have fun along the way!
Great to see you today and hugely cathartic to clear out so many things that
no longer have a place in my life.
I think you and the decluttering are empowering me in unexpected ways. Thank you, it's such a great way to spend the day!
Sorting out my teenage daughter’s room with Vicky and Lucy has been the best possible start to her A level revision, she is so much calmer and more focussed...
I can really feel the difference in my house between the bits that have been Vicky-ed, and those that haven’t. Come back, we need you!
If You Need a Vicky hadn't stepped in to help me move house, I'd still be living out of boxes three months later. And it wasn't just straight unpacking: it was efficient, sensible, intelligent unpacking that meant I could just step back into my life as if I had never moved house.
What couldn’t you have done without?
“My PA...Vicky Silverthorn, I love her."
If you ever need someone to sort your life out, organise everything and in my case help me move house too, use You Need A Vicky - easy and amazing!
You Need A Vicky will make you happier and healthier, will free up your mind and give you more of what money can’t buy – time. I come home and it’s like the fairies have been!
Aside from just being a lovely person to have around Vicky is extremely efficient and has the ability to walk into a life, understand it and organise it very naturally and efficiently. Always doing above and beyond and always there when you need her.
You Need A Vicky has the contacts like no one else.
Vicky is the most organised and committed PA I have ever worked with in 25 years in music.
Vicky provided a 2-day Professional P.A. ‘polishing’ course which was delivered at our offices in Central London. Vicky is in possession of a natural ability to teach, with a style that is client-centric and highly dynamic. Furthermore, she has an innate understanding of people and is incredibly empathetic. The fusion of these elements combined with her impressive P.A. pedigree produces an effective and engaging coaching-style course, customised to the needs of the business and the self-expansion of the individual. The feedback from the participants was highly positive: “She’s amazing!” was the consensus.
I was absolutely delighted with Vicky's service, which surpassed my (high) expectations. I could not believe the intelligent order that she imposed upon the chaos that was my home office in a matter of hours. She turned a room that I dreaded entering into one which is a pleasure to work in: I am convinced the order around me has aided my clarity of thought. I would certainly use her again
Vicky is incredible! Everyone truly does Need A Vicky. I wish I could have one every day! But she only needed to come for one and my whole World was organised and on the track it needs to be on. Thank you Vicky!
What a wonderful day and a real eye opener! Mega-marks for being non-threatening, enthusiastic, highly professional , even right to the end when you did not flag once! Naturally, I am thrilled with the results and not a single regret has surfaced so far...
A super-cool Mary Poppins… Vicky and her assistant breeze into your home, 'teaspoon of sugar' and get you sorted out. When Vicky's work is finished you are better equipped to deal with everything because you are organised and 'practically perfect in every way!'
I needed help establishing my home office in a sea of clutter from 3 kids, space restrictions and a cranky husband. Vicky and her team truly made my dreams come true… we culled areas that needed editing, re-organised many high traffic areas in the house and… icing on the cake… Vicky used her home stylist's eye to make everything more functional & attractive and fun.
YNAV were absolutely brilliant, a huge thanks for getting us so sorted and working so hard. I can't imagine what state we'd still be in right now without you all so am just so grateful that I found YNAV!
I contacted 'You need a Vicky' at a rather low time in my life when I felt overwhelmed by the things in my house which simply weren't getting done and I didn't have the requisite energy or inclination to do them myself. Vicky and her other Vicki came in and cheerfully and insanely efficiently, threw themselves into the 'problem areas' - my wardrobe, my office and the children's playroom. In a discreet but always encouraging and kind way they sorted through things which would have taken me weeks. Not only was my house hugely improved by their work but so was my state of mind and you can't ask for more that that......throughly recommended
Vicky is a ray of sunshine! She's positive and professional and highly efficient whilst, at the same time, being empathetic and listening carefully to and respecting the client's wishes. She takes appropriate initiative in using her excellent organisational skills. Vicky and her assistant provided me with invaluable support with unpacking and organising after the upheaval of moving house and having building work.
You have done it again! After your decluttering exercise last year our house that had not received an offer was sold almost immediately at the full asking price. I quickly realised I couldn't possibly move without you, and there is now an ever increasing list of "I need a Vicky" situations!

Last month you and your lovely team breezed into our home again and over the course of the week managed a perfectly executed move that at the end felt more like a girls week away. So many laughs but under your amazing direction everything was carefully boxed, clearly marked and quickly dispatched.

Knowing you are just an email away is so reassuring, it's just a pity you can't be cloned and available on prescription!
Vicky and two of her wonderful assistants helped me de-clutter my living space and I cannot thank them enough. It was a pleasure to have them around. They are all lovely, sensitive and very hard-working and Vicky is a rare combination of being both warm and super efficient.
She is great at her job, has wonderful communication skills and together they make an amazing team.
My space is now simplified, organised and beautifully arranged with a stylist's eye
for detail. I feel as though I'm on holiday in my own home.
I can't tell you how amazing you were... Thank you, thank you.

Not only were you great company but so professional in getting the job done. I will definitely recommend your services. Especially taking the emotion out of the sorting.

Thank you for your care in leaving a tidy organised house!
I couldn't recommend Vicky more! If you're considering it, just do it - the outcome was brilliant: clutter-free, everything organised beautifully.

I found Vicky and her team 100% positive, breezy and up-lifting. I've already saved a lot of time, thanks to the organisational systems she put in place.

It would have taken me a very long time to achieve what Vicky and her assistant nailed in a day
YNAV were absolutely fantastic again and now finally we are able to enjoy living in our home!

I will be back in touch with you for sure we wouldn't move without you!
YNAV were absolutely fantastic again and now finally we are able to enjoy living in our home!

I will be back in touch with you for sure we wouldn't move without you!
Vicky and Alison have come to my home on three occasions now and have literally transformed it. First my study - the results are amazing!

Next I set them the challenge of decluttering our bedroom – and they exceeded my expectations.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine a colour coordinated wardrobe, that, quite frankly, looks like it belongs in a shop. Even my husband was impressed!

I can’t recommend You Need a Vicky enough. Vicky is inspirational in her enthusiasm for the challenge and the effort that the girls put in has to be seen to be believed.

Well worth the money. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Vicky!
We all want to thank you most graciously for making our mothers year, she's so so chuffed, everything we could have asked for and more
Working with Vicky is a game-changer.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable organizing my home with anyone other than Vicky and her lovely team.

Vicky is magic.

Vicky helped me get my mojo back when I was planning on returning to work after having three children. The house and home office got whipped back into shape quickly with her attention to detail and suggestions.

Vicky has the gift of giving you the best advice in a very non-threatening manner.

The only thing better than working with Vicky is getting her back for a refresh a year later.
It was so wonderful to meet you! You and your team are true miracle workers. We can't believe what a transformation you made.
Thanks again for all your help! The house looks absolutely amazing. I don't know how you did it!!!