Having my house sorted has completely changed my life! It's as if everything else has been vicariously affected, I've been more productive and more organised in every way here and as I work from home ninety percent of the time, that's pretty huge. Thanks Jenna & Stacey!
I was at the hairdresser only a couple of months ago. While waiting for my foil highlights to do their thing I read an article in one of their magazines about your book. I was instantly hooked. Everything you said just rung true! I work in a hospital with newly diagnosed cancer patients, it's a crazy emotional rollercoaster but I felt my whole life was crazy - and you made me realise it was due to all the clutter at home not allowing me to relax. I ordered your book there and then (foils still on head), literally devoured it when I got it, decluttered one thing each weekend and I am able to relax so much more when I get home now. I rave about your book to friends because I think everyone should read it.
Thank you Vicky.
Thank you so much for everything.
Alicia and Joanne have been fantastic.
We would highly recommend the service which has exceeded our expectations.
Vicky's 'Can do' attitude and positivity can make the scariest tasks seem eerily achievable. Her clarity and pragmatism is so infectious and will only improve your life. You'll also have fun along the way!
Great to see you today and hugely cathartic to clear out so many things that
no longer have a place in my life.
I think you and the decluttering are empowering me in unexpected ways. Thank you, it's such a great way to spend the day!
Sorting out my teenage daughter’s room with Vicky and Lucy has been the best possible start to her A level revision, she is so much calmer and more focussed...
I can really feel the difference in my house between the bits that have been Vicky-ed, and those that haven’t. Come back, we need you!
If You Need a Vicky hadn't stepped in to help me move house, I'd still be living out of boxes three months later. And it wasn't just straight unpacking: it was efficient, sensible, intelligent unpacking that meant I could just step back into my life as if I had never moved house.
What couldn’t you have done without?
“My PA...Vicky Silverthorn, I love her."
If you ever need someone to sort your life out, organise everything and in my case help me move house too, use You Need A Vicky - easy and amazing!
You Need A Vicky will make you happier and healthier, will free up your mind and give you more of what money can’t buy – time. I come home and it’s like the fairies have been!
Aside from just being a lovely person to have around Vicky is extremely efficient and has the ability to walk into a life, understand it and organise it very naturally and efficiently. Always doing above and beyond and always there when you need her.
You Need A Vicky has the contacts like no one else.
Vicky is the most organised and committed PA I have ever worked with in 25 years in music.
Vicky provided a 2-day Professional P.A. ‘polishing’ course which was delivered at our offices in Central London. Vicky is in possession of a natural ability to teach, with a style that is client-centric and highly dynamic. Furthermore, she has an innate understanding of people and is incredibly empathetic. The fusion of these elements combined with her impressive P.A. pedigree produces an effective and engaging coaching-style course, customised to the needs of the business and the self-expansion of the individual. The feedback from the participants was highly positive: “She’s amazing!” was the consensus.
I was absolutely delighted with Vicky's service, which surpassed my (high) expectations. I could not believe the intelligent order that she imposed upon the chaos that was my home office in a matter of hours. She turned a room that I dreaded entering into one which is a pleasure to work in: I am convinced the order around me has aided my clarity of thought. I would certainly use her again
Vicky is incredible! Everyone truly does Need A Vicky. I wish I could have one every day! But she only needed to come for one and my whole World was organised and on the track it needs to be on. Thank you Vicky!
What a wonderful day and a real eye opener! Mega-marks for being non-threatening, enthusiastic, highly professional , even right to the end when you did not flag once! Naturally, I am thrilled with the results and not a single regret has surfaced so far...
A super-cool Mary Poppins… Vicky and her assistant breeze into your home, 'teaspoon of sugar' and get you sorted out. When Vicky's work is finished you are better equipped to deal with everything because you are organised and 'practically perfect in every way!'