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I’m Vicky Silverthorn, a London based professional organiser, and the owner of You Need A Vicky, one of the most established decluttering businesses in the UK. My team and I pride ourselves on managing the controlled decluttering of any space, whether it’s one room or an entire home. We truly believe that a tidy home makes for a clearer, happier mind and we love helping our customers achieve this!

Vicky Silverthorn London Professional OrganiserI’ve lived in London for over ten years now and I know that ‘hectic’ is just one word that could be used to describe it. Although I grew up in the countryside, I spent years longing after living the London life and I’ve never looked back!

My clients usually have one thing in common – they are time poor for a variety of reasons. I think we can all relate to this. Not everyone will then want to declutter or organise their homes when the free time does then come available. We travel from our headquarters on the outskirts of London across the city to help people from all walks of life transform their spaces.

Our lives can get easily cluttered. I often compare the home to a big box slowly getting filled up. The amount that enters it often outweighs the amount that leaves it, with the precious space we value so much getting smaller and smaller around us. Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to help decide what is worth keeping, where and how it can be best stored so that everything has its place, and you can regain control and headspace.

We’ve spent over 10 years helping Londoners transform their personal spaces, allowing them to free up their time and their surroundings. Our professional organisers can organise wardrobes, prepare you for upcoming life events like moving home, and even help you blitz and sort through your paperwork. We basically cover anything to do with organisation!

Why choose You Need A Vicky in London?

We have over a decade of experience helping people from across the Greater London area declutter and organise their spaces. There’s no substitute for good experience, and that’s exactly what our team of passionate professional organisers have. We’ve helped hundreds of people take back control of their homes and set up simple strategies to prevent future cluttering.

Vicky is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and is one of the leading members of the industry. She frequently talks at workshops to teach new professional organisers, as well as the general public and is also the official storage expert for John Lewis and Bisley’s storage Ambassador. She’s written a bestselling book on leading a less cluttered life and has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Independent and on ITV’s This Morning.

What is your decluttering process?

1. Make an enquiry

You’re in control, as much or as little as you wish, from the start to finish. It begins with you sending us an email by using the contact form or giving us a call. You tell us what you’d like to achieve or what you feel the problem is and we can advise accordingly.

We’ll give you all the details of how our days work, what is required of you (if anything) and how we can help. There’s no hard sell here, just you telling us the problem and us finding you a solution through hard work and organised thinking.

2. Book a date in our diary

Once we’ve got an understanding of what you’re looking for, and you’re comfortable with what we can do to help, we’ll find a date that’s suitable for us to start work.

3. Your 7-Day Reminder

We understand how easy it can be to lose track of time, which is why we’ll reach out to you a week before your booking to remind you when we’ll be on your doorstep. You will also get a message from your Senior Organiser the evening before, as a final reminder.

4. Knock knock!

Your professional organisers will arrive and we usually begin with a cup of tea and a quick tour of the areas we will be working on.

5. We get started!

Sleeves firmly rolled up, we’ll get to work decluttering your space. We’re perfectly happy if you are only able to dip in and out of the day but, ideally, you will be there as much as possible. If we’re just organising, and not decluttering, then you wouldn’t need to be as present. Letting go of some things can be difficult, but we promise that we’ll make this process as smooth and productive as possible. There is no force.

What areas in London do you serve?

Vicky and her team are based in Richmond and around London. Our service area covers the entirety of North London, South London, East London and West London as well as further out.

If needed we can also travel further afield to areas outside of London – just let us know where you’re based, and we’ll see if we can reach you. It’s never usually a problem.

Map of Professional Organiser Service Area covering London

London Customer Testimonials

We’re proud to have helped people from all over London clear their spaces and declutter their lives. Some of our clients have been good enough to provide feedback on our work, feel free to find out for yourself what we can do for you:

Meet The Team


Vicky Silverthorn Professional OrganiserVicky has lived on the outskirts of London, in Richmond since starting the business in 2010. She loves being close to the river and parks, but also appreciates the convenience of living close to the capital.


Laura - Personal Assistant Laura is Vicky’s PA and has picked up her first professional experience working for Borkoski PR in central London. She manages bookings and sorts out the diaries for the entire team – no small task!


Lindsey Senior Professional OrganiserA Yorkshire lass through and through, Lindsey moved to London to study Musical Theatre, however she found her true calling when she discovered personal organising and hasn’t looked back since.


Christina Senior Professional OrganiserChristina is one of our senior organisers who has had a varied career leading up to her life with You Need A Vicky. She met Vicky through a professional organising workshop and has been a core member of the team since.


Tahirah Senior Professional OrganiserBorn and bred in London, Tahirah’s developed a wide range of useful skills in a short space of time. She’s a naturally organised human being who loves to help others get their clutter under control.


Hannah Professional OrganiserAfter spending 6 years working in the fashion industry, Hannah attended one of Vicky’s workshops and fell in love with the process of organising.


Hannah Professional OrganiserGrowing up in London, Poppy is a self-made organiser who built up plenty of experience working as a nanny before stepping into her current professional role. Her degree in Psychology gives her valuable insight into her day to day job.


Find out more about the team and the wonderful world of professional organising by reading these handy resources:

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