Meet The Team

sarah personal assistantSarah

Business Operations and Development Manager

Following a degree in Media Arts, Sarah absolutely loved living and working in London for Sky TV before dramatically changing career into banking!  After a few years at Goldman Sachs, she moved to Dubai with Macquarie Bank, where she lived for ten years.  She swapped sand and sun for Sussex in 2018 with her husband and 3 young boys.

She LOVES growing veggies in her garden, walking her cockapoo and squeezing in some yoga around her children’s ever busy social lives! From managing client bookings and the staff rota, to seamlessly running Vicky’s diary (and life), Sarah takes care of the very organised business side of You Need A Vicky and is a constant ray of sunshine for clients.


christina personal assistant


Professional Organiser

Christina has lived most of her life in Milton-Keynes. After spending 8 years as a compliance officer within the medical industry, she decided on a full-time career as a professional organiser.

Vicky and Christina first met when Christina attended one of Vicky’s professional organising training workshops and she realised her dream job could be achieved!

Christina is passionate about enhancing people’s lives through organisation; her detailed approach to her work makes her a fantastic professional organiser.



Vanessa Professional Organiser


Professional Organiser

With a background in advertising before having her four daughters, Vanessa took a long break to bring up her family in Surrey.  Through doing this she learned to be super organised and practical in how to organise her life to run as efficiently as possible, often helping friends out with their chaotic houses.

She came across YNAV whilst looking for work that was flexible and where she could put her skills to use and discovered that being a professional organiser would allow her to do something she loves and work along side like minded women.


Vikki professional OrganiserVikki

Professional Organiser

Vikki was born and raised in Berkshire. She first started working with Vicky in 2012 before taking a break to start a family and expand her career in customer services and business operations.

She now lives in Hampshire with her husband, their two young children, and their dog Alfie, the German Short-haired Pointer. Vikki loves to bake with the children and take long family dog walks through the countryside.

Vikki knows first-hand how important it is to have order and structure in everyday life to help with the constant mental load! She loves sharing what she’s learned to help others gain clarity and calm.

jessica proffesional organiser


Professional Organiser

Jessica lives in The Chilterns in Buckinghamshire and studied Interior Design at Chelsea College of Arts. She works as a Procurement Coordinator in the interiors industry in the week and freelances for YNAV on the weekends. In her spare time she loves sailing and visiting galleries.

She loves organising and has always been organised, neat and tidy from a very early age. Jessica is the go-to person in her family and friendship group to get anything organised and sorted.

She is a devoted, loyal, team player and people’s person.



Mille Professional Organiser


Professional Organiser

Millie grew up in Kingston, SW London. In her previous work in events, she enjoyed problem solving and finding simple solutions to make an event run well and flow.

Since joining YNAV, Millie loves the positive energy and calmness the organisation can bring to a clients homes and mind.

Millie’s creative arts background helps her add elements of style as well as practical attention to detail. Millie has been inspired while working with Vicky and looks forward to the future in the world of professional organising.


charlotte professional organiser


Professional Organiser

Charlotte’s passion has always been organisation and has been reorganising her friends’ rooms and homes since she was a child!

After working in investment banking for 7 years, she moved to China and then Thailand and taught kindergarten.  She relished the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of living. Charlotte returned home to work for an interior design company who specialised in creating beautiful but workable environments for companies. Professional organising was the perfect next step in her career.

Sofia Professional Organiser


Professional Organiser

Sophia grew up in Essex and studied at Quest, where she further developed her business, administrative and IT skills.

Sophia has always been organised and has a great passion for it. She is naturally incredibly neat and tidy and her organisation is second to none.

She’s always the friend who organises everything, from holidays to events! Sophia loves meeting new people and clients at work and thrives off the job satisfaction she gets when people are happy when she has visited their home.


lara Professional Organiser


Professional Organiser

Lara has always had the ‘organised gene’ and believes organisation brings calmness, order and ultimately happiness to a home. She enjoys creating clarity, peace and satisfaction for our clients.

The role of professional organiser was a perfect next step after teaching as it comes so naturally to Lara – linking her true passion with the practicality of her work and her strong people skills. She loves the fact that every day is different and that ‘everything has a place’ at the end of each visit – an immensely satisfying process for both organiser and client.