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Vicky Silverthorn.

vicky silverthornI have been a Professional Organiser for over 10 years now, helping people from all walks of life, declutter and organise their homes. As an expert in my industry, I believe that your wellbeing starts at home; if your home is in shape, other elements of your life will follow.

I’m a member of APDO UK (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) and have written an Amazon bestselling book on living a less cluttered life. In addition, I spend a lot of time contributing to articles including publications such as: the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Times, Oprah Magazine.  I am a monthly contributer for Ideal Home Magazine and My Warehouse Home Magazine. I have also appeared on ITV’s This Morning and Channel 4’s The Big Spring Clean. I am the official storage expert for John Lewis and Bisley’s Brand Ambassador and I’ve also worked with brands such as Samsung , BrabantiaB&Q, Cricut and Muji

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My Story

I’ve always been a practical, tidy person with an exceptional attention to detail. Unfortunately, despite my naturally organised tendencies, I struggled to find a career that would best suit me.

I had no idea what I wanted to do at school or college. I trained as a nanny at the age of 18, then worked behind the bar of a golf course in Ascot, Berkshire.  I was approached by one of the members of the golf club who asked me if I would join his sports management company as PA to their professional golfers

The life of a PA fit me like a glove. Finally, I could put my organisational skills to use! After pro golfers came professional footballers and then the pinnacle of my PA career was working for Lily Allen. Working for Lily was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The travel was extensive and so interesting. So many countries in such a short space of time; I loved it.

Three years on and several times around the globe I decided to set up a business using my strengths and passions. It was the physical organisation I loved and it became much less about the admin and sitting at a laptop.

I founded You Need A Vicky in 2010 and have been fortunate enough to have since been featured by some major media outlets including Good Housekeeping,  House Beautiful,  The Irish TimesThe Irish Examiner and Glamour. I’ve also featured regularly on ITV’s This Morning, showing my organising processes in action and how I go about organising a messy office space, a wardrobe and peoples precious memories.

This press coverage has led to more business, which necessitated me hiring some helping hands. My team are as passionate about decluttering as I am, and they’ve even helped me organise my own home after some major renovations!

Organisation isn’t just important for the look of your home – it’s also important for the feel of the space. Your spare room, wardrobe, cupboards; if they’re cluttered they can drag you down, lower your productivity and add to anxiety and stress.

My services can help those reaching important milestones in life, such as moving home, renovating or having children, but they can also be of use to people starting a new job or business. I’ve also worked with many people suffering loss or going through break-ups and divorce. You Need A Vicky are based in London, but can travel further afield if needed.

You Need A Vicky allows me to share my passion for organisation and wellbeing with the world; I hope that whatever your situation is, my business can help to improve your life for the better.

Where you can find Vicky on the web and in the media?

My YouTube channel and Instagram feed are regularly updated with helpful organisational tips. In addition to the features and articles I’ve mentioned above, I’ve also contributed my expert opinion to Virgin Media, Prima, Metro, Girl Boss, Red Online, LV.com, Psychologies Magazine, This Is Money, Female First, Modern Woman, Country & Townhouse and Baby Magazine. You can hear me talk about professional organising on a number of podcasts including School for Mothers, Prosperity Kitchen and Speed Communications.

In 2016, my book Start With Your Sock Drawer was published by Little Brown and soon went on to become an Amazon Best Seller. It has since been republished in audio book format and even got a mention by Oprah Winfrey’s website.

Media Inquiries

Vicky is available for quotations and interview requests. For any media or collaboration enquiries please contact Katie on katie@goodvibesonlytalent.com.

Customer Testimonials

I’ve enjoyed helping people from all walks of life organise their homes and declutter their spaces, over the years some of my clients have been kind enough to leave a few words of gratitude:

Vicky and the team really helped me to declutter in a really efficient, but gentle way and organise my new dream wardrobe which was such a pleasure!


Vicky is a wonder, her meticulous and practical re-organisation of my wardrobe has freed me from clutter and spared up valuable time..she is a life changer, and also great company!


Having my house sorted has completely changed my life! It’s as if everything else has been vicariously affected, I’ve been more productive and more organised in every way here and as I work from home ninety percent of the time, that’s pretty huge. Thanks Jenna & Stacey!


Vicky’s ‘Can do’ attitude and positivity can make the scariest tasks seem eerily achievable. Her clarity and pragmatism is so infectious and will only improve your life. You’ll also have fun along the way!


What couldn’t you have done without?

“My PA…Vicky Silverthorn, I love her.”


If you ever need someone to sort your life out, organise everything and in my case help me move house too, use You Need A Vicky – easy and amazing!