“Keep it simple” – Vicky Silverthorn

We can help with:

  • Decluttering and organising rooms in your home
    Getting your home back in order. Putting manageable, practical systems in place. Making your home make sense.
  • Sorting out your paperwork once and for all
    For when you have piles everywhere, unopened post and mountains of admin.
  • Creating your home office
    Organising your space into a functional work station.
  • Organising house moves from start to finish
    Decluttering before your move, packing your personal items, unpacking your new home and organising efficiently as we go.
  • Wardrobe cull and organisation
    The most important part of your morning is getting dressed – don’t you want to enjoy your clothes and enjoy getting ready again?

  • PA Advice
    New PA starting? Junior PA needing a pep talk? Enquire via my form and I may be able to help with some friendly and practical advice!

In addition:

Some people don’t know what they need – they just NEED some kind of organisation added into their lives. That’s what we’re here for.  Every client we work with needs something different – unique to them and their life.

We think that starting any new regime should begin with your home environment – your surroundings should be number one on your list.  Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week. Once your home is in order and homely again, you get to enjoy it. It will become organised and in turn so will you.

More space really does mean more head space. Positive for your wellbeing and better for your daily life.

No more walking past cupboards of ‘stuff’ or opening drawers full of ‘bits’ you never have time to face!


Information on Hoarding:

When clutter gets out of hand and becomes a hoard, specialised care and support may be needed to help people overcome this debilitating problem.  Whilst I don’t currently work with hoarders, do check out the www.helpforhoarders.co.uk website which gives all sorts of useful information about hoarding, including where to find self-help support groups across the country, a list of professional organisers who work with hoarders, and a forum for people who want to share their experiences online.

NOTE: A confidentiality agreement is available so you know that no matter what we come across you have no need for concern.