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This is a serious question, do you need a Vicky? Read this before you decide…

One of the things I love about this country is our entrepreneurial spirit and particularly for those ideas that are just a little bit left field.

Vicky Silverthorn makes a living out of sorting lives, it is hard to define but the Twitter hashtag would be something like #beingusefulandmakingyourlifeeasierbyorganisingallthosethingsyouhaven’tgotroundto.

In fact a follow of @YouNeedAVicky quite quickly gives you a feel as to how she earns her crust:

*Amazing day all finished,2 rooms completely finished and every nook and cranny de-cluttered. Best of all clear headed clients! X

*Today’s booking-a family whose out of space in their 2 bedroom flat needs a de-clutter, we have our list of needs can’t wait to get started!

*Tomorrow I rescue paper work and lots of it and then Friday it’s sorting out a new room for a client! Organising all over!

MrsLRCooper: @loosewomen @youneedavickyis the queen of de cluttering, get her in

That last tweet from Lily Allen recommending Vicky is really how the whole business got started. Vicky honed her organisational and usefulness skills as Lily’s PA, who repaid the favour with numerous recommendations to her A-list friends. “You need a Vicky” she’d say and so….here she is.

I asked Vicky who her typical client was and she replied, “There isn’t really a typical client. People book YNAV for random days, weeks, regular slots – anything really. Current bookings include people moving home, Mums who need their spare room to be spare again, people who haven’t organised their paperwork or opened mail for months… Oh and I’ve just had a booking from a lady who was bought the day by her husband…I think she’ll end up choosing a wardrobe clear out!”

And for Christmas, what is your most popular service? “I’ve done a lot of wardrobe arranging and paperwork organisation lately. I think people like to feel organised when Christmas is coming…”

So, I’ll ask you again (and maybe this time you won’t think I am so silly?) Do you need a Vicky?