How To Organise Your Wardrobe

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 20th June 2016 (updated: 2nd September 2022)

Top Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe

Decluttering and organising your wardrobe makes you feel like you’ve just been on a shopping spree. Everything freshly in place and organised with order and practicality.

Unearthing the items you forgot you even had and getting back the realisation that actually, you have a lot more than you thought you did.

This process can be time consuming, don’t under estimate the time it will take to do a proper job.

There are a couple of ways to go about it depending on how much you like to organise and how much spare time you have. If like me you are always busy and fighting for time, then I would highly suggest you do this bit by bit, section by section and over several days or ever weeks depending – chipping away at each area and avoiding overwhelm by doing it all in one go.

Only start an area you can complete within the time you have.


1. Make things visible

How often have you discovered an item in your wardrobe that you’d completely forgotten you owned?  The answer is probably all too often; our clothes are so tightly packed in drawers and cupboards it’s impossible to actually see each item.

A top tip for doing this is to go through all your clothes and only keep items which you either really need (e.g. your black vest top) or you really love (and we mean love, not just vaguely like).


2. Consider what really counts as essential

One excuse we frequently use for hoarding possessions is sentimental value.  Whether it’s the dress you wore on your first date with your husband, or a top you always associate with a fun girls’ holiday, many items can end up hanging around in your wardrobe long after you stopped wearing them.

While it’s completely understandable that you may want to hold on to one or two items forever, it’s important not to use the word ‘sentimental’ as an excuse.

Instead, think of how they could be put to better use.  Would a granny’s old coat be happier gathering dust in your wardrobe forever, or finding new life after being picked up by a stylish student at a charity shop?  Remember there’s joy to be found in giving clothes a whole new life, as well as from holding on to them.


3. Create a holiday box

If you are struggling for space then removing items which you only wear on holidays (and not in the UK summer sun) will help. Place them folded on a high shelf or in a box marked holiday. When it’s time to pack it’s a great feeling to pull them down. This packing time is also a great opportunity to go through and cull anything you no longer think you’d wear.


4. Store occasion wear separately

If you have somewhere other than your main wardrobe to store the dresses you only wear occasionally then this can also be a good plan. Again, this is all with the idea that your main/daily space should contain the clothes you go to frequently to make the best use of space.


5. Protect your clothes

One of the joys of creating a clutter-free wardrobe is that you can actually cherish and protect your clothes properly. Once you’ve done your clear out, first clean the entire inside of the wardrobe or chest of drawers, ideally using natural cleaning products.

Next, add in some form of moth protection – hanging sachets are a good option for wardrobes, and can be bought easily from Amazon.  They typically last for around six months, so don’t forget to change them or lose their scent they’ll stop working.

Avoid wire hangers – these will misshape your clothes – and instead opt for skinny hangers which don’t take up too much room (wooden hangers can be very bulky).

Finally, make sure you don’t let your wardrobe get out of hand again; you could try a ‘one in one out’ rule, or just start regular pruning to ensure that everything you own truly deserves its place in your clutter-free wardrobe.

Wardrobe Organising Tips & Tricks

Look realistically through your clothes

Ask yourself:

  • Do I like that garment or do I actually like wearing it? There is a big difference.
  • Have I worn and loved this item as much as I ever will?
  • Does it fit?
  • Has it had its day?
  • Will it come back around? Unpredictable but worth a thought!
  • Does it actually belong in a memory box, not my wardrobe?

Skinny Hangers

Use skinny hangers to maximize the space you have. You can fit twice as much in your wardrobe as well as making it look amazingly uniformed and appealing by switching to these. So, instead of adding to what you have, how about making the existing pieces desirable to wear again! Presentation is everything as is knowing that everything in your wardrobe fits and you actually like it.



Skinny hangers can save you over half the room you have in your wardrobe – the more room the easier it is to see your clothes. Remember that even changing all of your hangers over to your new ones takes time, so allow a couple of hours for this on any medium-sized wardrobes (yes a couple!).

Wooden hangars compared to slim hangars

20 wooden hangers vs 20 skinny hangars from the range I sell in my shop.

Seasonal changes of clothes

Keeping on top of your seasonal wardrobe can be a challenge if it is not done properly and efficiently. Every 6 months you need to be able to do the swap easily without dread.

Store clothes in categories in under bed storage containers or perhaps up high in the harder to reach places in your home. Make sure you label boxes or containers.

Fill containers with natural moth deterrents and clothes will always come out smelling fresh too. Remember to check nothing has moths or moth larvae or trails before you put it in otherwise you will get a nasty shock when you go to get them out again.



What you see is what you will wear. Remember putting something to the back means out of sight out of mind. Life is busy enough without having to try and remember the things that aren’t in your eye line.

Make use of every area. If you see dead space perhaps an extra shelf or drawer can be fitted. Customise your space to suit the clothes you have. The higher the shelf the higher the pile of clothes that will live on it so maybe it’s worth rethinking/ tweaking the design.

Hang long items to the side and shorter items in the middle of the rail so you can (if you wish) use the space underneath for storage or perhaps shoes.

If you need further help with professional wardrobe organising, then get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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