The Holding Company: my top five products

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 16th June 2016 (updated: 13th October 2020)

One of the most common mistakes I see is people buying home storage solutions that they don’t need. Buying unnecessary or gimmicky products will end up adding to clutter issues instead of solving them.

It’s key to have a decluttering session before buying any storage so that when you head to the shops/get online you go armed with a list of exactly what you need.

One of my favourite storage companies is The Holding Company – their store on London’s Kings Road is the holy grail of storage fixes, and they also have a great website for 24/7 shopping.

Here are my top five products:


Drawer Organiser
Mix and match these drawer dividers and use as single rectangles or a pair of squares (they are available in pink and grey or black and grey)




Tore Storage Box
A lot of us hold on to special and sentimental items, but without a system for keeping them together and safe they end up in various places around the home and are at risk of getting lost or damaged. For that reason I love these boxes for storing clients’ precious memories. They come in grey and pink and are large enough to hold plenty of mementos so you can continue posting new bits in as you accumulate them.

How lovely to pull it out and look through it with your friends or children on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

I also use these large boxes for seasonal clothing and holiday clothes – always adding a label so you don’t forget what’s inside.




Inge Box
I frequently use these boxes below for growing piles of bits and bobs that clients need to keep in one organised place, for  recipes or interior ideas that get ripped out of magazines they work perfectly. If you don’t keep them organised then they will get forgotten about.

They are also great for product warranties that don’t fit in filing cabinets and chunky bits of paperwork.

The smaller square size is perfect if you, like me, don’t get time to make photo albums but want to keep all your photos together. 6×4 prints stand perfectly in this box making it easy to flick through your treasured memories.





First Aid Box
Simple and effective – everyone should have at least one and this fab box encourages you to keep all of your emergency supplies in one neat place.




A3 Sverker Letterbox

These boxes are perfect for storing precious art creations made by your children. They are available in several lovely colours and I regularly incorporate them in to clients’ homes. Keep them somewhere accessible so you can easily tidy away your kids’ favourite artworks safely.



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