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Vicky Silverthorn started her business in 2010. After 10 years working as a PA for names such as Lily Allen she wanted to concentrate on the area of Professional Organisation and De-Cluttering. Vicky is inundated with requests to help people get their homes back on track, helping in any capacity to create simplistic and practically organised home environments. Her belief is ‘it starts at home’. If the home is in shape then the other parts of our life will follow…


What couldn’t you have done without?
“My PA...Vicky Silverthorn, I love her."

Lily Allen - Grazia Magazine 2010

Vicky is the most organised and committed PA I have ever worked with in 25 years in music…

Todd Interland - CEO of Sir Elton John’s Music Group

    You Need A Guestbed??

    Written by Vicky Silverthorn
  • I live in a two bedroom flat which I love. A place I am proud to call home.

    My flat also doubles up as a little guesthouse and sanctuary for my friends who have children. A place to escape to at weekends. I love …


  • I like to expand my knowledge of interior shops in and around London so I can advise my clients in the best way possible when it comes to storage. So finding a place like this is truly magical for me.


The official Kitchen Concierge for Samsung

The official Kitchen Concierge for Samsung

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We are getting a growing number of bookings from people wanting to buy something a little different. What better gift than a professional organiser/ de-clutterer for the day…FIND OUT MORE