Home Styling

After being asked so frequently to advise on home styling and storage solutions, Vicky now offers home styling services! Vicky can visit your home and assess exactly what she think your needs are and what solutions couldĀ be made.
For instance:
  • Helping with the design of bespoke furniture/ wardrobes
  • Organising a member of the ‘You Need A PA‘ team to be onsite for visits, deliveries and any admin involved

We will take an initial set fee for consultation and research, and any further work will be discussed on an individual basis.

Home styling often starts with a declutter if needed. What’s the point in buying or building furniture to store items that you don’t want/need anymore anyway?


We are a very versatile team, so please feel free to ask if there are any additional services not listed that you would be interested in.

Get in touch with Vicky HERE.


NOTE: A confidentiality agreement is available so you know that no matter what we come across you have no cause for concern.