Increasingly often, the team are hired to help get the home ready for the arrival of a new baby.

Additionally, we are often asked to organise children’s bedrooms, clothing, and to safely store away unused items your child might have grown out of.

Children grow so fast that keeping on top of their belongings is important – or before you know it you’ll have rooms full of unused and discarded toys and clothes.

So how can we help?

  • Setting up the nursery and organising clothes
  • Ordering any items you still need
  • Creating space for all the new equipment
  • Sorting through old clothes and toys
  • Organising playrooms
  • Creating memory boxes for sentimental items
  • Setting up systems for saving baby clothes for the future

We are a very versatile team, so please feel free to ask if there are any additional services not listed that you would be interested in. We can tailor the day to your exact needs.

Get in touch with us by filling in the enquiry form below.

NOTE: A confidentiality agreement is available so you know that no matter what we come across you have no cause for concern.