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Vicky Silverthorn - Professional Decluttering Service

Even as a child I enjoyed helping to organise my home ready for visits from friends and family. Now it’s my job. It’s strange sometimes how life really does go full circle.

After working as a PA for ten years I understand the importance of organisation in people’s lives.

When I was traveling on tour, everything had to be very precisely organised. I needed to know whether an item needed was in a dressing room, the case on the tour bus, the touring wardrobe? Putting my finger on things at the drop of a hat.

I enjoy spending the time ensuring things are in their place on a simple and practical level. It takes away those familiar times where you feel frantic and stressed – even guilty. This is not how someone should feel in their own home. Home is a place to relax and enjoy.
I believe that once the home is as it should be, organised (not too organised mind!!) then everything else follows. Your mind will be in a better place, cleansed and fresh and your thoughts more organised.

Creating a company that understood the anxiety people feel when they simply do not get time to get things done was what I wanted to achieve. Over the last few years this has definitely been the case. Adding efficiency and making homes streamlined.

Whether we are re-organising a wardrobe for a client, sorting through mountains of paperwork or assisting and arranging a house move ‘You Need A Vicky’ gets things done to the highest standard. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My aim……To de-clutter the Country one bit at a time.

Vicky Silverthorn
Director ‘You Need A Vicky’

The official Kitchen Concierge for Samsung

The official Kitchen Concierge for Samsung

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