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Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 2nd August 2012 (updated: 2nd March 2018)

Right, how to start this shameful Blog?


Yes – I am indeed a Professional Organiser and yes…for a living I de-clutter peoples homes and lives.


This DOES mean that I am extremely organised myself and yes it DOES mean that I enjoy to regularly go through my belongings getting rid of all that is no longer welcome and giving it to a new home – ‘Making someone else Happy’ is my description for this…


However…..there is one area in my life which I haven’t cracked. An area which every day bugs me, causes me and my poor body issues and an area that I hide from my many clients…




Take a look below….OH THE SHAME!




*Here for your interest are the contents of my bag. You will probably work out why I have a bad back! Oh, and I am doing this for real so nothing will be hidden…


A back support band

1 pair black leather gloves

A nail buffering set An A4 Note book

1 Green Envelope (My initiative allowing all clients to get access to my top recommendations)


A wallet containing over 16 plastic cards etc (no credit cards I might add!)


3 Lucky charms – a stone heart from the beautiful Carmel in California, the head of a Japanese keyring that broke and a small glass guardian angel that hasn’t left my side for over eight years!


Chanel face powder (I hate my nose being shiny!)


1 50ml bottle of Stella Nude perfume

2 lip glosses (Trish McEvoy & Lancome)

1 40ml tube of hand cream (Aveda hand releif)

2 Dermalogica trial sachets (sheer tint moisture)

1 small foundation

A large make-up brush

1 eyeliner (Black, Mac)

1 mint breathe spray (I’m not a gum girl)

1 Rennie heart burn tablets

3 hair clips 1 bottle nail varnish

5 hair bands

1 (clean) pair of socks


A music CD

1 box business cards

1 box business postcards


4 pens (yet I obviously can never find one!) 1 ‘Keep Calm’ Oyster card


A BlackBerry headset

My BlackBerry

1 BlackBerry charger (I find the battery SO bad!)

1 iPad charger

1 iPad

2 USB cables

1 sat nav

1 mino flip cam

1 small USB stick


A large pile of non-work related receipts (the work related ones are filed neatly in an allocated section of my wallet!!)




Now. This I think you’ll agree is excessive. There is no way I need to carry this ridiculous amount with me daily (my back is certainly not having a good time) Even if I did carry this I wouldn’t know what I had as it is all in such a mess.


I can honestly say there are not really any areas of my life that are cluttered but this is the worst. I am ashamed and there is no excuse (unless you let me use the fact that I organise others lives every day?!?!) but no, no excuse I agree.


*There is however a solution and I am loving it!


Bags in Bags


Fun to go out, choose and buy and an uncomplicated strategy that is as always, nice and practical. Keep-up-able!


So, take a look because I already know I will never go back:


Bag 1 – business cards, usb stick and pens


Bag 2 – Make-up bag (perfume has been put on the fantastic atomiser (shown on top)


Bag 3 – BlackBerry charger, USB cable and flip cam


-My sat nav stays, it works best for me in here.


-My wallet has been emptied and work receipts filed into there usual corresponding envelope (Jan 12, Feb 12, March 12 etc etc…)


-There are some things I will not compromise on – the good luck charms – well they are not going anywhere!


The end result – mmmmm organised! I love it!




I hope you like this friendly solution, have fun going out and buying your little bags an remember to choose different bags so you don’t get mixed up!

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Vicky Silverthorn started her first business in 2010. After ten years working as a PA for well known names such as Lily Allen as well as professional sports people, she decided that she wanted to concentrate on the area of Professional Organisation and Decluttering.