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Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 2nd August 2012 (updated: 2nd March 2018)

I have a Parisian friend that is unashamedly fabulous. Quite simply whenever I see her she always looks amazing and is never apologetically asking if she looks over dressed or fiddling with her skirt hem nervously. I really admire her and often think as I put on my jeans that I should change my outfit to a wonderful little black dress. Then I remember what I do for a living………de-cluttering can be messy work!


I feel we have a strange mentality in this country, that almost no other nation has- that we should save looking great for a special occasion.


I remember a friend telling me tales of mothers in earth built houses in Uganda scrubbing their children’s mud stained clothes for fear of them going out of the house looking messy, yet you only need to stand in the street to see that looking pristine isn’t always top of our agenda, and quite rightly -don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that extra hours should be spent in the morning primping and preening, I’m just saying if you have something beautiful then wear it, don’t save it for occasions that may not come up very often.


Take off the uggs, put the hoody down and put on your favourite outfit for one day of the the week- wear your Sunday Best.




Beautiful clothes can’t make you look beautiful if they are in your wardrobe. If it’s been a while since you went through your wardrobe you’ll be surprised how satisfying it is, kind of like shopping with no money being exchanged. Re discovering clothes is wonderful and don’t get me started on shoes and handbags! There is nothing wrong with looking like you made an effort, it’s empowering. Having your wardrobe organised feels luxurious, being able to easily access your hard earned purchases makes choosing clothes a joy and putting together the perfect outfit simple. It’s also good for your soul, if you find something that you are never going to wear again, give it away to someone that will – Make Someone Happy! Open up your wardrobe to your friends. How fantastic would it be to walk around on a Sunday and see everyone looking fantastic in whatever they loved and considered their best.

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