You Need A Jar!

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 17th August 2016 (updated: 6th February 2020)

All of my recommendations in this blog post are my own opinion. I’ve not been paid to mention any of these brands or products, and I’ll receive no financial payment from you clicking any of the links.

Kilner jars seem to be the most popular jars I see in peoples’ homes and yes they look fancy in any kitchen, however I find that there are more space saving, practical and easy-to-use alternatives on the market with less fiddly lids and more space efficient.


Anchor Hocking

These Anchor Hocking amazing little jars are square which means they slot together on a shelf more neatly and there is less dead space.

You can buy  a whole family of them for all your kitchen needs. I’d use them as a sweetie jar!

Search on the Anchor Hocking website to see the full range



Utopia Jars 

Alternatively, head to Amazon, and find a variety of sizes in these square Utopia jars starting at just £10.



Utopia also stock simple jars with a traditional twist, such as their Biscotti selection (this rounded version). These range from a smaller size of 1.ltr to 6.2ltr. I think these are great for items you’d want to display on the counter (biscuits!!)




Search ‘Utopia Jars’ on Amazon to buy these


Rockett St George

Rockett St George stock these cool and quirky etched glass jars with brass lids. Adding a retro vibe to your organised space and at just £14.95, these cute jars come in two sizes 🙂

Search ‘Glass Storage’ on Rockett St George to buy these


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 15.44.33


What can you store?

If the jar fits, then anything can be stored in these wonderful jars. From tea and coffee to pencils, marbles, batteries and even coins.


How do I know whats inside my jars?

Don’t forget to label your jars (I use a Dymo label maker to make it really clear) but I also love  these alternatives below…


Chalk Labels

To make sure you remember the exact contents of your jars and any best before dates, these handy and adorable chalk sticker labels will help you to order your cupboards effectively! Available on Amazon, you can bulk buy these labels for just a few pounds at a time.

Search ‘Chalk Labels’ on Amazon to buy these

So before you go out and buy a mass of jars you ‘think’ you will use please take my advice and work out what you actually need them for first. Too many in one kitchen can change you from organised to cluttered……

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