The Old Cinema, Chiswick

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 18th January 2015 (updated: 5th February 2020)

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I have heard people talking about The Old Cinema in Chiswick many times but never actually been in. Today whilst having a lovely Sunday stroll with my Dad I thought it was about time to go in.

Chiswick on a Sunday is busy but I’ve never had a problem finding a parking spot. Turnham Green tube is also only a few minutes walk away.


Furniture, decor and storage is very much suited to an individuals taste, and as much as I love Ikea (especially in the last year or so) there is no doubt it isn’t for everyone.

Below: Perfect for shoe lovers? I saw these once in a clients house and that’s exactly what she used them for.


I like to expand my knowledge of interior shops in and around London so I can advise my clients in the best way possible when it comes to storage. So finding a place like this is truly magical for me.

Something jumped out in every corner. The space is vast and I spent over an hour taking in the vintage furniture, the up-cycled gems and the quirky accessories.

Below: A beautiful painted gentleman cabinet. Filled with drawers and wonderful compartments this is actually perfect for women. Fill with accessories such as scarves, hats, jewellery, bags and nik naks.


From 1920’s walnut bedside tables to 1970’s art decor table and chair sets I fell in love with everything. My imagination immediately sparked by the thought of who previously owned these beautiful items.

Below: I love this quirky storage unit. Such great colours. Ignore the labels use how you wish it goes without saying.


Below: I have no idea what these were originally used for but to me I see a make-up drawer set. I’d lay them side by side in a row of three on my chest of drawers. I’d put a really nice lamp on top of them.


Below: People are always asking me about hallway storage. I think this is great.


So hands down this is well worth a visit. I struggled to leave with nothing but I am very sure when I have an extra room to furnish in the future this is one of my first stops.

Enjoy their SALE and shop online at

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