The Mobile Phone Case That Saved My Back

You will rarely now see me carrying a big heavy bag that was at one point almost my trademark. As with most of my life I have decluttered what I carry around unnecessarily day to day.

I suffer with a bad back but this is not the only reason. I wasn’t using the spare make-up, dry shampoo, notepad, variety of pens, sugar sachets, hairbrush, spare chargers, hand cream, hand sanitiser, 10 spare hairbands, painkillers, sewing kit…….enough to justify the weight on my poor body or my mind.

The case I now use carries bank cards, a couple of business cards and holds the few receipts I gather each day. I see it now as a chore on the occasions I need to carry my bag.

I’m not saying you will never see me with one again – I love the look and the practicality too – but I feel confident in saying you will not see me again lugging around a mass of heavy stuff I just do not need. From now on, only the selected few bits that may be useful to me specifically on that day will be on my shoulders.

If you like this case, I bought it on Amazon after much research.