Swedish Death Cleaning

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 21st February 2020 (updated: 20th March 2020)

Swedish death cleaning is all about clearing our homes of the items which may burden our loved ones if we were to pass.

This of course is not a nice thought, however for many people it is a practicality which means we are able to relieve those closest to us of this huge task; clearing our homes and belongings.


It is hard enough when a loved one passes, but to then add this to the gigantic task of rooting through their personal belongings and making arrangements to declutter them or even sell them can be an extremely overwhelming process.


The benefits:


Not coming across personal items that they wouldn’t have wanted us to see.

Potentially save weeks or even months of work (life is so busy anyway!)

The items that are precious and full of memories are left as opposed to absolutely everything being left behind.

The good memories aren’t over shadowed by new negative ones associated with the amount of work there is to be done.


I actually have a personal experience with this subject.  Two years ago my uncle passed away and I was the person who then had to take his whole home apart bit by bit.

I felt I owed it to him to go through everything with the time and respect his home deserved, but I have to say it took months as I still had to work and fit it into my life.

On top of this, I was also organising his funeral and to be honest it all became extremely overwhelming and I would even say traumatic at points.


It’s a very thought provoking subject and poses the question (and I’m not certain of the answer) – Should this be considered more of a duty than a choice to do or not to do?



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