Stackers jewellery boxes & travel bag

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 13th November 2018 (updated: 20th March 2020)

All of my recommendations in this blog post are my own opinion.  I do have an ongoing business relationship with John Lewis, however, I have not been paid to mention any of their brands or products in this post and I’ll receive no financial payment from you clicking any of the links.


I’m asked so much about storing jewellery and the problem has always been that the storage available is never big enough.

The genius with Stackers is that you can make it as big as you need and choose the different styles of inserts and layers to suit your jewellery collection.

The colour choices are beautiful (white, black, blush and taupe to name a few) and they come in three size options (do you have chunky or fine jewellery?)

If you don’t want to store the trays stacked on your dresser/surfaces (they have a tray with a lid to finish the look off) then you can place them within your drawers for a concealed but organised look.

These are currently my number one go to recommendation for storing your jewellery.


Click here to see the collection at Stackers website. (Also available at John Lewis if you wanted to go in-store and have a browse!)

I recently went on holiday and took the beautiful travel wallet/ clutch bag.  I have never found one that isn’t awkward or too stiff or impractical but this I love. It has just the right amount of space for all I need and my passport is so easy to retrieve.




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