Soaper Duper!

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 17th October 2016 (updated: 17th October 2016)

Launched in October 2016 exclusively at Liberty, Soaper Duper have created an eco-friendly, 90%+ naturally-derived line, all sold in big, basic, recycled, or recyclable plastic packaging at enviably competitive prices. Think perfectly luxurious, but gloriously guilt free…

All of their products are also completely free from what they call the ‘Usual Suspects’: cosmetic ingredients harmful to us and the environment. Yet whilst their products are basically naturally-derived, their cutting-edge green chemistry has allowed them to maintain exquisite efficacy.

They also live by the mantra that ‘Soap Can Change Everything’. And, you know what, I agree with them! All of their products contribute to WaterAid and Clean the World to bring soap and water to communities worldwide who need it most.

Absolutely Soaper Duper.





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