How To Keep On Top Of Your Paperwork

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 6th July 2016 (updated: 1st March 2018)

We recommend a simple home paperwork solution from Bisley called the 10 (or 15) drawer cabinet to a huge number of our clients. It comes as 5, 10 or 15 drawers and in a range of great colours.

This wonderful piece of office furniture takes the hole punching, dividing and annoyance away from your everyday filing. I personally hate lever arch files – they take too much effort and time just to put something away, and although my negativity towards hanging files isn’t quite as strong – my favourite hands down are the drawers. Remember, any system that involves faffing is much less likely to be kept up!

Piles of paperwork niggle at us all, even me. I hate filing but I do it – because if I don’t the problem only ever gets bigger. The key? KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Bisley filing cabinets start at around £50 for the 5 drawer version but if you’re wanting something less modern, try searching on ebay for older vintage versions.

I usually order Bisley’s from Ryman as they frequently have sales on, but you can also find retailers near you from the Bisley website.

Search specifically ‘Bisley 10 drawer cabinet’ changing the number as desired.


Keep the headings you use on each drawer simple and divide categories if necessary within with clear folders like these.

Example – within your ‘Health/Medical’ drawer separate each member of the family with a clearly labelled A4 file or within the ‘Car’ drawer make the MOT certificate or Insurance certificate stand out again by placing it in an A4 file (labelled)

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 18.55.41

Suggested Headings:

A few heading examples you may find useful:





Home/Buildings Ins



Important Docs (Passport, Birth Certificates etc..)


Perhaps you could get a mini 5 drawer Bisley file cabinet for any kids paperwork that you’d like to keep separate?

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 18.59.26

Action Tray
On top of your filing cabinet keep a tray. This will contain anything that requires you to ‘action’ something e.g…pay a bill, make a phonecall, do some research . You will get used to this being your physical ‘To-Do’ list!

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