How To Organise Your Wardrobe

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 20th June 2016 (updated: 5th February 2020)

General Rules

When you are de-cluttering don’t give yourself too much to do in one go. Organise yourself. If you are going at it alone then start with a drawer at a time, a rail. Make decisions on what is leaving and what can be stored for the Winter and have your bags/storage ready. Take a bit by bit approach to avoid being overwhelmed. Have your tools in place before you start. Underbed storage, labels, a bag for the charity shop.

Swapping seasons is the perfect time to de-clutter your clothes.

Look realistically through your clothes and ask yourself:

  • Do I like that garment or do I actually like wearing it? (There is a big difference)
  • Have I worn and loved this item as much as I ever will?
  • Does it fit?
  • Has it had it’s day?
  • Will it come back around? Unpredictable but worth a thought!
  • Does it actually belong in a memory box not my wardrobe?

Skinny Hangers

Use skinny hangers to maximize the space you have. You can fit nearly three times as much in your wardrobe as well as making it look amazingly uniformed and appealing by switching to these. So use your clothes buying budget for the month, count up your items and instead of adding to what you have, how about making the existing pieces desirable to wear again! Presentation is everything.

Seasonal Changes of clothes

Keeping on top of your seasonal wardrobe can be a challenge if it is not done properly and efficiently. If stored items aren’t easy to access or if they aren’t put away properly you will be more likely to put this job off.

I store my clothes in categories in these simple underbed storage containers. They are breathable and have a clear section so what’s inside is easy to identify.

Fill containers with dried lavender.  I prefer natural moth   deterrents and clothes will always come out smelling fresh too.

*What you see is what you will wear. Remember putting something to the back means out of sight out of mind.

*Make use of every area. If you see dead space perhaps an extra shelf or drawer can be fitted. Customise your space to suit the clothes you have.

Think about where your long garments are hung and if they could be categorised into one specific area.

20 minutes a day

Try this approach which I use and talk about frequently. De-cluttering doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend days and days at a time working on your home. If you see that it’s going to be a big job ahead, tackle it bit by bit. Try and start with 20 minutes a day and don’t flit from place to place. Concentrate on one area at a time. Your sock drawer one night, stop.

You will not believe the difference you can make in just a couple of weeks when you take this small amount of time out of your day.




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