How Does A Tidy, Clutter-Free Home Enhance Wellbeing?

  1. It can help keep stress levels and anxiety down – life is so full of hurdles so not letting your own home be one of those is a wonderful feeling.
  2. Knowing where everything you own belongs, helps the feeling of being in control of your life.
  3. The less you own the easier it is to keep control of where everything is.
  4. Life is also so full of choices and decisions – for me personally work takes up my allowance of decision making, so when I am in my home I need straight forward choices and I have found this makes an enormous difference to my headspace.
  5. I don’t care enough about the colour socks I wear or the style of the notebook I use. I don’t waste my headspace on decisions in the morning that make getting ready so much harder so it’s been an invaluable journey to separate where I do need to make important choices and where I don’t.