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Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 10th November 2016 (updated: 1st March 2018)

One sunny summer’s afternoon after a meeting in Kingley Street I couldn’t resist the scent of Liberty’s product section floating out of their doors….thankfully so, because after meandering around the store I discovered the beautiful Hay storage, stocked in Liberty and am now totally in love!




Bits & Bobs circular

You can see exactly what I use these for in this photograph.

The ‘bits & bobs’ pots are a great way to store your everyday jewellery. Not only do they look neat, keeping your favourite bits together, but feel neat too.



Click here to get your clear bits & bobs fix

Click here to get your bits & bobs pots in fun colours



This is the ‘Kaleido’ range that Hay stock – pops of colour, interlocking shapes and clean lines!


Hay Kaleido

Click here to view the full Kaleido range online



This marble tray comes in two sizes. They aren’t cheap but they are high quality and long lasting for those with a high end taste.

I always go on about trays but they really do transform a surface containing ‘stuff’ like bathroom products or bedside bits that looks untidy into more of an organised display. The items by my kitchen sink are also always placed on a tray. YOu always have a place to return these otherwise messy looking items to.


Click here to view the marble trays online



The aptly named ‘tray’ is cool and eye-catching piece for any table or surface.


Click here to view the tray online

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