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Turning your bedroom into a haven for sleep has been proven to help you get a good night’s shut eye. A good place to start is to declutter. We asked for some tips from Personal Organiser & Home Stylist to the stars, Vicky Silverthorn on how to get rid of the excess stuff we all seem to collect these days. Here are her hot tips on how to create an oasis of calm to sleep in…

Your whole home should be your sanctuary. A place you can relax and enjoy every room in its own unique way. Some rooms will always have a faster flow but when it comes to your bedroom we should all be very mindful and set the perfect tone. This to me starts with decluttering – removing any item that has absolutely no need to be in there. If you want to sleep well, relax and enjoy your bedroom it should be calm and full of the belongings you love, creating positive surroundings.


 Six tips on decluttering your bedroom

1. Under-bed or not under-bed – that is the question!?

My advice would always be as follows:

If you have a spare room then choose that bed as the one that has storage underneath it. Ideally the bedroom in your room should be clear from clutter. IF it is absolutely essential (and I mean there is no other way at all!) to store items beneath where you sleep then make sure they are methodical and organised. This is far better for the mind. You should NEVER be sleeping on pure clutter.


2. Clothes and wardrobe

Wardrobes are an absolute must on your list for a declutter session. This is not a task to be taken lightly and will take much longer than you think if you are to do it properly.

Work on your wardrobe small section by small section if you are busy and lacking in time. You will find completing these small sections extremely satisfying if you are someone who craves order. Start with your sock or underwear drawer and see what I mean!

Buy skinny hangers of the same type to keep your clothes looking desirable and organised.


3. Surfaces and shelves

Keep these as clutter free as possible. When you look around your room thinking of the lovely sleep you are going to have you do not need any clutter fogging your head.


4. Products and potions

Of course, out of sight is out of mind and so it is perfectly acceptable to keep out the products you use on a daily basis. Keep the items you use before bed close to hand – Kiss the Moon products on your bedside table looking beautiful are totally allowed!

However, to keep things aesthetically pleasing, how about buying a tray or shallow basket so they are displayed nicely? Avoid over buying products you don’t need. If there is anything you don’t get on with pass it on and don’t forget that beauty products have a shelf life.


5. Organise methodically

Arrange items you use least and occasional items in areas that are harder to reach. I’m talking the seasonal stuff and those hats you only use at weddings.  Pack them away up high and out of the way.


 6. Think before you buy

It’s all very well buying that beautiful French style chest of drawers and I have no doubt it will look very pretty, but if the drawers are too thin to fit much in then I assure you it’s a recipe for over spills and dissatisfaction. Think before you buy. Chose furniture and storage to suit what you own. Always factor in a home for your shoes – they take up space but most people forget about them.


bedside3declutter your bedroom - with Kiss the Moon


The very thought of tackling all this can be pretty daunting so here are my words of advice on how to get organised without getting a headache… 

– It’s better to start a small job and complete it than empty your entire room and feel unsatisfied when you run out of time and leave it half done. You will simply put yourself off attempting it again.

– Don’t be afraid if the first time you try and declutter you don’t get rid of as much as you thought. Think of it as Stage 1. Believe me, Stage 2 will soon come. When you get a taste of less you will naturally start to get rid of all that is undesirable to you. Don’t be defeated.

– Shut the door to your bedroom and reopen with fresh eyes. Where is the clutter? The furniture or the room contents? Both? Start work immediately on the worse culprit – even if it’s only 1 drawer and 20 minutes.

– Be as ruthless as you can. As a nation we have way too much stuff. Try living with less….


Vicky runs Professional Organising & De-cluttering company ‘You need a Vicky‘ – the secret weapon that lots of our favourite A-listers rely on to keep their lives running smooth and they homes looking lovely…

Declutter your bedroom - guest blog by Vicky Silverthorn for Kiss the Moon