The Therapy Of Decluttering

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 2nd August 2012 (updated: 17th January 2023)

Warning: A declutter can seriously better your life


When you’ve found yourself tripping over that bag of clothes (which you’ve been meaning to ‘sort out’/ebay/give to your friends/take to charity for the last six months or more), or cant even bare to sit in your own office anymore because it’s so full of paper work that is starting to get covered in dust and cobwebs, a declutter can literally set you FREE!


After I’ve spent some time with a client and we’ve gone through everything, bit by bit, and the bags of clothes etc have been delivered to the charity shop, the feeling of satisfaction, relief and freedom for The Decluttered is HUGE!


I mean, without wanting to sound too over dramatic, the feeling is so great, it can be an emotional breakthrough.


I love it when I get a text from Mr or Ms Decluttered to tell me how they’ve woken up and feel so happy to be able to walk around their home freely, without guilt or gloom because they’ve finally unravelled that noose – AKA stuff that is of no use to them anymore. Meanwhile,  the paperwork, kitchenwares and clothes etc that they do need so often, are nicely packed away in easy-to-reach stored areas so that life can happen easily again.


In fact, the feeling of confidence and joy can be so enormous for The Decluttered that the next day, they feel inspired to change their lives in other ways. Productivity levels go up. Whether it’s looking for a new job, writing that novel, to more everyday tasks like enjoying a bit of cooking  on their newly cleared work surfaces. There might even now be space to do that Geri Yoga DVD in the lounge – the possibilities are endless.


It’s so enormously theraputic and I can’t impress upon you enough the impact having a clean slate can have on your mindset and ultimately your life. And with the right storage solutions in place (geeky but good!) upkeeping your decluttered bliss is easy – I promise! Implement the practical not the impossible! Simple…the only way to keep it!


Don’t forget to start small…don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to do everything at once. The effects can make everything so much worse. 1 small area at a time please and see the effects over a week or so! Wow…

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