You Need A Cable Tidy

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 8th October 2016 (updated: 13th October 2020)

All of my recommendations in this blog post are my own opinion. I’ve not been paid to mention any of these brands or products, and I’ll receive no financial payment from you clicking any of the links.

Untidy cables – a first world problem I know, but an irritation within the home none the less.

Although I can’t magic away leads and wires (that’s an electrician’s job), I can recommend to you my three favourite products when it comes to making chargers, wires and cables more organised.

These products are available online at Amazon and The Holding Company (see links below) and exact descriptions are on the images so, search away…


Cable Drop – mine is stuck on my bedside table for when I charge my phone at night (available in different sizes)

Cable Clic – this holds my wires and cables in place within my drawer (available in two different sizes)

Cable Fastener – brilliant for any plugs with long cables

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