Tiny changes for a healthier you

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 2nd March 2020 (updated: 20th July 2020)

‘Tiny changes that you can make to your daily routine that can add up to a healthy, happier, wealthier you’


  1. Store fruit & veg at eye level in the fridge rather than away in the draw.  Let the healthy food be the first thing you see each day.


  1. Hang bags on doors in your home so the items you want to discard actually have somewhere to go when you no longer want them (rather than putting them away again!) – when they’re full then it’s off to the charity shop they go.


  1. 20 minutes of decluttering of an evening will change your home in weeks – you don’t have to dedicate whole days if you struggle to find time!


  1. Walk around a shop for 10 minutes with anything you are thinking of buying – total up the rough amount in your head and when you don’t buy it you’ll feel like you’ve ‘saved’ that amount.  


  1. Decide whether it’s space or stuff that’s more important in your life – when you choose space, somehow the stuff begins to matters less and less.


  1. Ask yourself  ‘can I live without it?’ when you are decluttering – this is the most powerful question to ask yourself.  Be honest with yourself.


  1. The less belongings you have, the less you have to control and be responsible for.  Life can and will be naturally much simpler, more efficient and easier to manage.


  1. Give everything you own a specific home and you will find tidying less stressful.  Get into the simple habit of putting things back where they belong and you’ll notice the difference quickly.
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Vicky Silverthorn started her first business in 2010. After ten years working as a PA for well known names such as Lily Allen as well as professional sports people, she decided that she wanted to concentrate on the area of Professional Organisation and Decluttering.