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Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 20th April 2016 (updated: 17th January 2023)

All of my recommendations in this blog post are my own opinion. I’ve not been paid to mention any of these brands or products, and I’ll receive no financial payment from you clicking any of the links.

Any spare time I get you will find me happily wandering around any shops that sell storage or homeware. En route home I will look at the hundreds of photographs I have taken, picking which ones are best to share. As I have stated many times before you should never buy storage items until you actually know what you want to store – and of course after a good declutter. Otherwise you end up with items you never use or use for impractical reasons. Unused, spare storage will only take up precious space in your home. Three of my favourite places I have visited in the last few weeks have been Zara Home, Anthropology and Designers Guild. Here is why. But this blog is to show you some pretty things too – useful but also lovely to look at.

Zara Home

This in my view has excellent, good looking items I would happily spread around my home. Their homeware buyers in my opinion do a fantastic job. Every time I am there I snap so many photographs of things I love and would use.

The kiddy section is beautiful too. A friendly feel, fantastic products and so many cute little storage boxes and baskets great for a baby’s nursery or playroom.

Products I Love

Their baskets! So many beautiful baskets lined with cotton and great for nappy and changing equipment. They have beautiful wash bins and I always love their jewellery boxes because they’re bigger than anywhere else I have seen.



Although this shop probably isn’t known specifically for storage or stationery it has some beautiful pieces if you look properly. It has so many corners to I spend at least 30 minutes having a proper wander around so that you don’t miss anything. It is one of my favourite shops to browse in especially their one on Kings Road. This was the first one I ever visited and I was instantly in heaven.

They not only sell beautiful homewares but lovely clothes too. They have wonderful books, pretty jewellery and great gifts. In fact I would challenge anyone to go in there and not find at least one thing suitable for anyone you are choosing for.

Products I Love

Their chalk storage jars. Practical and great to look at.

Their notebooks with initials are a great gift. In fact: all of their notebooks! Their spotty boxes (I think they would be great for make-up or make-up brushes)


Designers Guild

So I have written this blog in order of price. Zara Home is most definitely the more inexpensive option, followed by Anthropology and lastly we have Designers Guild (I visited the store in Marylebone).

Is the quality worth paying for in this shop? 100% yes.

This brand is known for it’s stunning, luxurious fabrics and designs. If I was reupholstering a chair, having curtains made or even getting new cushions this would be my absolute number one choice (of course if money was no object!!)

What I did not expect when I walked into the shop (I mostly gaze at their fabric patterns online) was for them to have a stunning selection of stationary and ‘office geek’ items. These are another level of wonderful.

Product I Love

Look at this for a desk organiser. What more could you possibly need? With a price tag of around £60 I would happily buy this as a gift. I would however insist the receiver of this gift ditches what they already have and would not let them put it out until I personally saw them gone!


Neon envelopes and note pads, pencil cases and small storage bags and a very sweet to do list note book. I love these colours and I love the shop display. Also in store are lovely candles, again beautifully displayed and a selection of luxurious bedding.


Do let me know if there are any stores you think I am missing and want me to look at! Just email me via my contact form on my home page

Happy shopping,

Vicky x

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