How To: Organising Paperwork

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 24th July 2018 (updated: 17th January 2023)

1. Bisley Cabinet

This is the paperwork filing system that I have recommended to clients for over a decade.  It is simple and it really works. Tune in to the You Need A Vicky youtube channel to find out more.

Buy your Bisley Cabinet HERE

2. Dymo Label Maker

Use your label maker to neatly and clearly label each drawer of your filing cabinet. Also use it to label any sub-categories within the drawer.

Buy your label maker HERE

3. Cut Flush Folders

Cut flush folders (also known as ‘thumb-cut’ files for their handy cut out sides) are perfect for dividing any specific documents when filing.

Vicky’s top tip: Use a brightly coloured folder to make any very important documents stand out within your filing system so they are easy to spot when needed.

Buy your cut flush folders HERE

4. Action Tray

Keep on top of your to-do list and have one place for all the things you need to ‘action’!

5. Archive Box (subject to need)

Sometimes there may be documents you wish to keep that do not need to live in your daily space, taking up precious space in your simple filing system. An archive box is a great way to store important documents that you still need to hold on to.

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