How To Keep Kids’ Rooms Tidy

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 9th October 2015 (updated: 8th November 2023)

Many of us have trouble finding the time and the motivation to keep tidy and organised. As many of you know I believe that the simpler our home systems, the easier this is. Any form of complicated method, whether it be paperwork or putting clothes away means we are much less likely to keep things in order.

This is why I’m on the kids’ side.

If children are expected to help tidy away after play or craft then give them an easy job. They need an easy process to follow and one that they can complete and feel satisfied with.

Children get bored easily and so anytime they are expected to tidy up YOU need to ensure they have the right method in place to do so easily.

My biggest tips for kids storage and tidy ups are:

  • Big baskets to easily put things back in
  • Categorise simply – jigsaws, soft toys, fancy dress, lego etc etc
  • Help them and keep their motivation going!
  • Do regular clear outs (especially before Christmas and Birthdays!)
  • Buy storage for what you need not just because it looks pretty! Buy practically!
  • If kids are too young to read then add a colour onto the label of your boxes/baskets so you can describe and help with easy descriptions e.g ‘Put your lego in the yellow box’
  • Cube storage is ideal like these below from The Great Little Trading Company

*Quick safety tips I have to mention – attach furniture to the walls, child proof blind cords and store heaviest items low down.


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