20 Minute Declutter

Posted by Vicky Silverthorn on 8th December 2014 (updated: 17th January 2023)

I have passed on this easy method of decluttering for the last 4 years since starting my business began and I am 100% behind it.

I say this with so much confidence because I have read recently online that not only should you forget about this method but that you should ‘simply’ do it all in one go.

If you have been given a team of people, extra time in your week and in addition the 24 hour clock in your world has been altered by the Universe then please go ahead….

If not and you battle each day with a to-do list, a family, crazy schedules and work then lets get back to how you can make big changes using small amounts of time and minimal efforts.

So, start small. 20 minutes a day I promise you will make an enormous difference which you will start really noticing and feeling in a matter of days.

  1. Start in any room that bothers you – this is where you will complete before moving on *Grab a bag for rubbish/charity
  2. Pick a small cupboard or drawer – tip it up or pull it out and go for it
  3. STOP when you are done (20 minutes on the clock!) and you will feel an element of fulfilment. Continue until you are drained and you may not finish and feel negative
  4. The next day/night continue – an easy 20 minutes a day.
  5. Nothing to dread, nothing that will eat into your night just a short blast of organisation
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About Vicky Silverthorn

Vicky Silverthorn started her first business in 2010. After ten years working as a PA for well known names such as Lily Allen as well as professional sports people, she decided that she wanted to concentrate on the area of Professional Organisation and Decluttering.