American Girl in Chelsea Review

We are busy girls. Some of us work, some of us have kids, and some of us do both. We don’t need one more thing to think of in the morning when we are getting ready to fly out the door. And that includes what to wear and where to find it.

Enter Vicky Silverthorn. A lovely woman with the company aptly named “You Need a Vicky.” And you do, need her. Trust me.

Vicky organizes EVERYTHING you could possibly think of. I found her through a fellow AG who works as a beauty editor. This particular AG has oodles and oodles of make-up, and when I saw how her collection had been transformed and how my friend could find her favorite eye-shadow with ease, I knew I had to have Vicky come rescue me from my closet.

We began by going through my wardrobe and sorting everything into “keep,” “memory box,” or “charity.” It sounds scary but it was actually totally cleansing and created so much spare room in the closet. Vicky then put all of my tops and dresses on matching hangers which are super thin, and also clear up space.

And then came the organization……
American Girl In Chelsea
Some of these pictures (the before ones) are just down-right sad and embarrassing but I show them to you my lovelies, to show you the life-changing skills of the Vicky.

American Girl In ChelseaVicky turned the total chaos that was my jeans and shirts wardrobe into a nice little lovely home for all of my bags. And now I can actually see them! It sounds so sad but there was a Chloé bag in my collection that I literally forgot about until Vicky came and put them all on display for me.

I also found a pair of jeans I had totally forgotten about and several other items with tags still attached. I kid you not when I say, its like having brand-new clothes. Getting ready (with Mini-AG running around like a banana) is so much easier!
Vicky doesn’t just do closets either. I’ve had a friend do her home-office too. She will organize any room in your house and do it well. And on top of everything, she is super sweet. I am planning on having her come back to help me with my storage closets and when I am faced with transforming our guest room into a nursery.


Vicky’s hourly rate is £45, but for American Girl readers who make a booking in November or December, you will get two hours per day free (a £90 value per day!) For more information about Vicky’s amazing organizational services visit her website here.